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Tidio: Live Chat & AI Chatbots

Price: Free to $25+ / month, free trial
Made by Tytus Tidio

Tidio is an all-in-one customer experience solution with live chat, AI chatbots, and multichannel communication

  • Handle messages from Live Chat, chatbots, emails, Messenger, and Instagram in one place.
  • Solve up to 70% of customer problems with Lyro AI. Improve your response times and take the pressure off your support team.
  • See who is visiting your website on the Live Visitors list to know who your customers are and what they need. Start a conversation at the right moment to boost your sales.
  • Support your customers 24/7 with automated chatbots available always when your customers need help. Answer the most frequently asked questions on the spot.
  • Offer live support on Live Chat to improve your customer service. Build trust with spot-on assistance and secure new leads.

Use Live Chat and chatbots to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and boost sales

Offer your customers live support and build trust with real-time spot-on assistance. Make sure they get what they need and secure future conversions for your business. You can also use our live Visitors List to proactively start conversations to upsell your products and services. Tidio Live Chat is easy to install and 100% mobile-friendly.

Save abandoned carts, show order status, offer discount codes, and do much more with our built-in ready-to-use 24/7 chatbots available always when your customers need help. You can build your own chatbot from scratch using our drag-and-drop editor or pick one of the free templates. It’s fast, simple, and no coding skills are required!

Solve up to 70% of customer problems with Lyro AI

Maximize your support capacity with Lyro. Lyro is a conversational AI that talks to your customers and offers personalized assistance, just like a human agent. Lyro learns from your FAQs in seconds and formulates complex answers to solve your customers’ problems. The AI stays within the boundaries of your knowledge base, and you can update its information at any time. Lyro is easy to implement and doesn’t require training. You can activate the AI in under 3 minutes and it supports your customers 24/7.

Multichannel communication

Handle all messages from live chat, email, Messenger, and Instagram in one shared inbox and lessen your team’s workload. Check contact details, search previous conversations, go through shopping cart contents, and add custom tags to offer personalized communication that will match your customers’ needs.

Live Visitors List

Find out who your customers are and what they need on Tidio’s Visitors List. Proactively start a live chat conversation and increase your chance of selling by sending a message at the right moment. Check where they come from to make the conversation more personal.

Modern widget for all websites

Make your communication one-of-a-kind with our user-friendly customizable widget that suits all websites. Choose the color scheme that goes with your business. Decide where it should appear. Set a custom online and offline status, change the text on the button, and create an offline message visible to your customers when you’re not there.

Preview of real-time typing

See what your customers are typing in real time and look for solutions even before they send their message. Have your response ready to answer questions and resolve issues faster. Offer excellent customer service almost instantly to boost your sales.

Why Tidio?

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Use Lyro - a conversational AI - to offer personalized assistance
  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop chatbot editor with dozens of automations and templates
  • User-friendly widget with various color schemes and customization options
  • The option to see what your customers are writing in real time
  • Fantastic support available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Support for 20+ integrations for all industry-leading websites and platforms



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