Ticket Spot

Price: From $1.99 / month, 15-day free trial
Made by Ticket Spot

Sell tickets, promote your events and collect rsvps

  • Sell Tickets, Collect RSVPs and Promote Events
  • Save time by automatically sending emails when attendees perform specific actions.
  • Design & Customization your event list fonts, colors, and layout to match the theme of your website.

Calendars, ticketing, and automation to manage your events from start to finish.

Ticket Spot makes event management easy, from promotion and ticket sales to registration and communication.

Ticket Spot is extremely easy to use and contains a wide range of configuration options.

  • Create and manage your tickets.
  • Create custom registration fields to capture more details.
  • Help visitors find the events with filters for month, venue, date, category and more.
  • Connect your apps and automate your processes, so you can focus on running your events.
  • Setup email and sms automation to communicate with your attendees and promote your events.
  • Advanced drag and drop editor to create impressive emails.
  • Sync your contacts to your favorite CRM.
  • Connect other event applications such as Eventbrite, Ticket Tailor, Ticket Spice, Reg Fox or Ovation Tix.
  • Highlight your virtual events with Google calendar or Zoom.
  • Present your events with multiple views.
  • Style and design everything to fit perfectly with your brand and theme of your store.
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Made by Ticket Spot

Contact developer at https://docs.ticketspot.io

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