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Ticket Spot

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Made by Ticket Spot

The complete event management and ticketing solution

  • Simplify ticketing, engagement, and promotion in one platform
  • Automated messages and reminders boost attendee interaction
  • Promote your events across social media networks
  • Enhance the appearance and experience of your events with powerful customization tools and designs

Event Success Simplified: Tickets, Automation and Promotion

Ticket Spot seamlessly integrates with your Ecwid Store, providing a powerful combination of e-commerce and event management capabilities. While your attendees complete their transactions through the familiar Ecwid Checkout, Ticket Spot takes care of all attendee management, communication, and check-in processes.

Ticket Spot offers advanced customization and design options, allowing you to elevate the look and feel of your event listings. Our AI-powered system even generates attention-grabbing event titles and descriptions to attract potential attendees.

In addition to the seamless integration, Ticket Spot offers a convenient widget that can be easily installed on any Ecwid page. The Widget uses the Ticket Spot checkout and can be customized and designed to match your store's theme and style, providing a seamless and cohesive experience for your customers.



Made by Ticket Spot

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