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SMS Order Notifications via Twilio, Vonage,, SMSC.RU

Price: $4.99 / month, free trial
Made by Glodify

Send SMS order notifications to yourself and your customers when order status changes.

  • Enable/disable SMS notifications for any order status with individual message templates and order details
  • Block specific phone numbers (customers who do not want to receive SMS notifications)
  • Send custom SMS notification to any phone number
  • Use any of the four supported SMS gateways: Twilio, Vonage,,

Boost customer loyalty via SMS notification service

Send SMS order notifications to more than 200 countries worldwide. Notify instantly your customers about order status changes.

SMS communication has many benefits including facilitating communication with your customers, your customer also receives the details of the order faster. Short text messages are sent primarily as information on the status of the order, such as a message confirming the correct course of a transaction or message about the delivery time of orders. SMS is the fastest communication with your customers and savings for the company due to reduced costs associated with undelivered shipments.

You pay the application monthly for an unlimited amount of event processing to change the status of the order and also separately third-party services (Twilio, Vonage,, for each SMS message.

After installation, you only need to register with one of the SMS gateways that suits you best at the cost of using one message and restrictions in your country.

Are you in doubt what is better suits for your needs? Contact us and we will find you a suitable option.

Is your favorite SMS gateway missing here or you would like more functionality? Contact us and we will discuss.

Try it for 14 days for free!



Made by Glodify

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