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Signup Coupons: Send Coupons for Registration

Price: $3.49 / month, free trial
Made by Alex Yashin

A simple way to retain new visitors

  • Encourage new users to place an order
  • Configure coupon template
  • Customize signup form texts

Try out coupon marketing solutions for your new visitors

A first-time shopper discount coupon is an effective technique to encourage new users to place their first order in your online store.

By offering a user to subscribe and get a discount coupon for the first order, you increase the likelihood of placing an order and get the possibility to interact with this user.

The application adds to your website a signup coupon form. Once an email address is entered, the module generates a one-shot discount coupon and sends it to the email address specified. However, no coupons are generated for previously subscribed users.

You can adjust the settings of a coupon template and customize the signup form texts.


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