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3D Seasonal Effects: Christmas Snow

Price: $2.99 / month

Decorate your store with beautiful snow, fireworks and more falling effects & decorations

  • Boost sales & conversions with beautiful falling effects
  • Celebrate holidays and special occasions with multiple stunning decorations
  • Create a cozy atmosphere for your visitors, set them in the right shopping mood and increase conversions!
  • Fully control the effects speed, appearance location and density

Boost your holiday sales with beautiful, highly-converting seasonal effects and decorations that will set your customers in the right mood to shop!

Create a festive atmosphere and add a living vibe to your site with beautiful falling effects and decorations!. Celebrate holidays, special occasions & more!

About The App
3D Seasonal Effects allows you to add beautiful falling effects and decorations to your store in just one click! Decorating your store with our amazing seasonal effects will significantly enhance your customers’ experience while they are browsing your store and increase sales.

Available Decorations & Falling Effects Themes

  • Halloween - Scary / Spooky witch, pumpkins (jack o' lantern), spider cob web & black cat
  • Spring - Beautiful butterflies (butterfly) and pink sakura leaves falling effects
  • Saint Patrick's Day (St. Patrick day) - Shamrocks, beer, hat & three leaves
  • Easter - Cute bunny, Easter Eggs
  • Mother's Day
  • Valentine's Day - Hearts, kisses, lips, teddy bears & more
  • New Year's Eve - Neon flashing lights & falling 2022s
  • Winter - Falling snow (snowfall), rain & fog
  • Autumn - Falling leaves
  • Christmas - Santa Claus, snowman, winter sale & more
  • BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) - Sale logos & balloons graveyard footer
  • 4th of July - Fireworks and USA (United States of America) Flag
  • Pride Month (Gay / LGTB / LGTBQ) - Colorful Decorations & Falling Effect

Enhance & Boost Customers’ Experience
Ease, entertain & surprise your customers with stunning decorations that fit every occasion, celebration and holiday!

Effect & Decorations Customization
You can control the speed of the falling effect, the number of effect images (effect density) and whether the effect and decorations will appear in the entire store or just in the homepage.



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