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Request a Quote

Price: 10$ / month
Made by SolverCircle

Create an easy way for your customers to request a custom quote!

  • Provide customers to add to quote in a quotelist and submit a request to the shop owner
  • Let customers make a wishlist of products and request quotes
  • Send email to store owner and the requester in each request
  • It has some excellent features and easy to use

An optimal medium of communication between the buyer and the seller

Request a Quote app allows customers to request a custom quote. This is a full featured quoting tool for online stores. This app allows customers to add a quote in a quotelist and submit a request to the shop owner in an easy way.

Request a Quote app will help the site owner to request for more products or give products review; can suggest special rates based on the quantity or amount of the products. Customers or visitors can inform the site owner to increase better services, better quality or better prices of the products or customers can give any sort of suggestion to the site owner by a quick quote.

Store owners can view the quote list with quote id, date, name, status, comments and action. He can filter customers' all quotations by different types and can customize some settings.

Click here to watch the video of how it works


Check out the demo store!



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