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Product Quickview in the product list

Price: $5,99 / month
Made by Kinvasoft

Add a quick view of product photos in the product list and the buyer will quickly select the product

  • Improve the user experience of the product list
  • Increase customer loyalty by improving the interface of the product list block
  • Increase views of product photos
  • Speed up viewing product photos in the product list
  • Increase sales by reducing product selection time

Enable the ability on the product list page to view more than 2 photos of the 1st product without going to its page. This approach will save 5 times the time of the buyer and make it easier to find the right products.

The shopper of our time lives at a fast pace, so he chooses stores with an interface that allows him to quickly view and select the goods he needs.

The Product Quickview application is a necessary interface functionality for quick viewing of photos by the buyer in the product list

It will help

Enlarge view of product photos in the product list

Viewing photos attracts attention and the buyer interacts with him by viewing product photos.

Set up quick photo viewing

Enable viewing photos in the list of products and your customers will be able to quickly find the product they need and buy it

Increase customer loyalty

Save time for customers to view photos of products, give them the opportunity to view photos without going to the product page, for which they will be grateful to you and their loyalty to your store will grow.

Once installed, the application will automatically read all the included photos for each product, and will show them for each product in the product list. You just have to adjust the color of the photo view indicator.

Quick view of photos can be configured in different ways, both for the start site and for the storefront, for this we have made 2 independent blocks in the application. In each block of the application, you can change the settings.

Max. product images number


  • Position
  • Offset


  • Color
  • Color Hover
  • Width
  • Offset
  • Corners

Turn on the Product Quickview app and customize it easily and quickly to match your store's branding.

Improve the functionality of your store right now by enabling the Product Quickview app and your customers will thank you!

Demo store:

If you need to translate texts in the application into your language, send an email to with the subject “I need a translation for Product Quickview”.



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