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Product Bundles: Combine Items and Sell More

Price: $12.50/month, 7-day free trial
Made by Simcase

Group several items and sell them together with combo offers!

  • Motivate your customer to add more items in shopping cart and buy them at once
  • Offer a discount for a bundle to improve your customer satisfaction
  • Reduce logistics and marketing costs selling more items per order

Use proven Product Bundling Strategy to increase sales!

When you enter the fast food restaurant, the temptation to get a food combo instead of just one item is hard to resist. Combine your products the same way and sell more at once! You can gamify the shopping experience: encourage customers to search for specific products to collect in order to get a discount.

Pick 2 or 3 products for a combo and choose a discount for it. Once the customer collects all the necessary items, the new price will be displayed on the checkout page. You can easily enable or disable the offer within the app.

You can bundle any of your products, however there are a few tested ideas to start with! You can replicate successful Amazon technique and create 'Frequently Bought Together' bundle. Or you can mix fast-moving and slow-moving products to sell less popular items. Whatever tactic you choose, Product Bundles app increases your sales and improve customer satisfaction!


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