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Pricefy: Competitors Price Monitoring

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Made by Pricefy

Monitor your competitors on autopilot and let Pricefy do the hard job for you.

  • Sell smart and stay on top of your competitors. Check their prices every day and adapt your pricing strategy to offer a better price to your customers.
  • Monitor any kind of competitor. Pricefy permits you to monitor any kind of competitor with just a click thanks to our patent pending technology
  • Import your competitors in batch. If you use an excel file to track your competitors you can import them using our batch import feature.
  • Advanced repricing rules (Pro Version Only). Automate your repricing process using our powerful repricing rules
  • Automatch products on marketplace (Pro Version Only). Pricefy will automatically search and match your products with your competitors ones on Amazon, eBay and price search engine like Pricerunner and PricefySpy.
  • Daily reports. Stay always updated about your competitors even when you are away from your desk. Pricefy can send you useful updated by email, slack and many other channels.

Monitor your competitors on autopilot

Start monitoring your competitors with just one click. Launch the auto-matching feature and Pricefy will find all your competitors across the web, matching your products and starting monitoring their prices twice a day.

Receive detailed reports about how your products are performing or about your competitors stock levels, daily, in your inbox.

With a beautiful and easy-to-read dashboard you will be always updated about your price positioning.

Let Pricefy do the hard work for you and focus on what really matters, your customers.



Made by Pricefy

Contact developer at https://help.pricefy.io

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