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Countdown Timer for Product and Category Descriptions

Price: Free to $11.99 / month
Made by POWr

Boost conversions with a countdown to events to create urgency

  • Boost conversions – Announce promotions with a countdown. Create a sense of urgency to boost sales by alerting the user that current deal is nearly over
  • Make it yours – Customize your countdown timer with your own colors, sizing, style and animations to make it fit perfectly with the design of your site
  • Show social proof – Drive more sales by displaying the number of users that have purchased item x

Create urgency to drive clicks to your 'Buy Now' button for higher conversions

Countdown Timer features:

  • Display the remaining days, hours, and minutes of a special deal or sale event.
  • Countdown to any future date to build up excitement for an upcoming event, such as an end-of-season sale, new collection launch, and more.
  • Countdown to a specific number.
  • Count up from any past date! Perfect for displaying the number of days since an event.
  • Use custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and animations to style your Countdown Timer and make it blend seamlessly with your site’s aesthetic.
  • In addition, Countdown Timer supports text in any language and is mobile responsive on any device.



Made by POWr

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