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Outvio: Shipping App to Optimise Costs

Price: From €15 / month to €199+ / month, free trial
Made by Outvio

Shipping app designed for successful customer-oriented online shops to grow sales and optimise costs.

  • Easily integrate your couriers with your online shop
  • Print shipping labels with one click and in bulk
  • Pick and pack paperlessly
  • Reduce fulfilment errors with barcode scanner mode
  • Send automated and customizable notification emails

Automate your fulfilment processes and use your fulfilment channel for marketing

Outvio is built for fast-growing customer-oriented online shops. No matter, if you are shipping 5 orders a day or 5000, we give you the tools to make the fulfilment process as fast, accurate and efficient as possible. From printing shipping labels in one click to reducing packing errors with a barcode scanner mode, we give you tools to do it all.

We also enable you to use the fulfilment channel as a marketing and customer retention tool, to give a better shopping experience and to increase repeat purchases.



Made by Outvio

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