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Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS

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Made by Marsello

Drive revenue from your customers with smart loyalty and marketing tools

  • Grow repeat sales and average order size with a customizable loyalty program
  • Sell to your customer-base with personalized email and SMS campaigns
  • Automate marketing workflows based on your customers' shopping behavior
  • Deliver a seamless omnichannel marketing experience for your customers

Increase sales with an omnichannel loyalty program, email marketing, social media & more

Marsello helps retail and hospitality businesses build profitable customer relationships with smart loyalty and customer marketing tools.

Capture visitors’ details with pop-up forms and get your customer-base shopping with automated email and SMS campaigns. And then keep them coming back for more with a customizable loyalty program and rewards. Marsello is purpose-built to help you nurture customers and drive sales throughout the entire customer journey, in-store and online.

With closed-loop attribution, our platform accurately attributes sales to the marketing activity which drove it. Helping you do more of the marketing that works, and grow your marketing return on investment with smart, targeted marketing.

Using Lightspeed Retail? Marsello’s integration with Lightspeed gives you everything you need to run smart, omnichannel marketing. Learn which campaigns result in sales with accurate reporting, and build your customer base with smart loyalty and marketing tools.


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Made by Marsello

Contact developer at http://help.marsello.com/

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