Newsletters with Mailchimp

Price: Free
Made by Ecwid

Connect your Ecwid store to Mailchimp to send personalized emails and offers depending on customers’ purchase history

  • Automatically import customer data to Mailchimp
  • Build variety of email campaigns
  • Create custom audience segments

Easily sync Mailchimp with your Ecwid store and send out newsletters to stay in touch with your audience

With Ecwid and Mailchimp, you can create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated email campaigns, and more.

Automatically import customer data to Mailchimp

Ecwid will automatically sync your future customers, products, orders, discount coupons, and abandoned carts with Mailchimp to help you create personalized email campaigns. The existing store data can be exported to Mailchimp as well.

Build email campaigns and more

Create and send custom email newsletters, share promotional codes, tell about new arrivals, and what not.

Create custom audience segments

Divide customers into groups with specific attributes to deliver personalized content to the right audience. Wanna blast custom emails that recommend new products? You got it. Have a discount coupon that’s just for customers you haven’t seen in a while? No problem.

Connect Ecwid and Mailchimp, and take your online selling to a whole new level.



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