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Viva Wallet - Increase your conversion rate with Smart Checkout

Made by Infinite Apps

Accept multiple payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Alipay, JCB, WeChat Pay, local payment methods, etc.

  • 0% Acceptance Fees: Earn back your acceptance fees by using your Viva Wallet Debit Mastercard for your corporate expenses.
  • Daily Pay-outs​: Your online sales are cleared daily into your Business Account. Access your funds and be able to make payments, or transfer funds to any bank account
  • Powerful Reporting: Use our powerful reporting dashboards to showcase your company's data, helping you make better business decisions.

Optimized for use on any device, our Smart Checkout offers unique benefits to increase your conversion rate by enabling your customers to make their payments fast and securely via a payment gateway hosted by Viva Wallet.

Connect store to your Viva Wallet account

The app is offering seamless Viva Wallet payment gateway integration. By inputting your API keys your store will be connected to your Viva Wallet account. This gives more flexibility to the potential buyers as they can choose when and how they want to pay for products.

Conversion increase by up to 21%

Increase your online store's conversion rates by enabling your customers to process their payments in less than 30 seconds.

Security & Compliance

With advanced fraud protection using Machine Learning algorithms and compliance aligned with regulatory & security rules (PSD2, SCA/3DS, PCI, etc.), your checkout is secure and fully compliant.

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Made by Infinite Apps

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