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Boost Sales & Average Order Value with Upsell & Cross-Sell Product Bundles: Frequently Bought Together and more

Price: $ 7.49 / month, 7-day free trial
Made by Infinite Apps

Boost Average Order Value with Upselling & Cross-Selling - Effortlessly Increase Sales. Increase your store's profitability by leveraging upselling and cross-selling strategies, which can elevate your average order value (AOV) by up to 15%. Achieve greater success with minimal effort!

  • Enhance Your Average Order Value
  • Improve Product Discoverability
  • Streamline Upselling & Cross-Selling

With the Upsell & Cross-Sell Product Kit app, you can create compelling pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers that drive conversions.

Prompt customers not only to purchase their desired item but also to explore related products and accessories. This effective technique significantly boosts your average order value (AOV), fostering substantial business growth. While your customer acquisition cost remains the same, your profitability skyrockets.

Frequently Bought Together Bundle

Emulate the popular "frequently bought together" feature seen on Amazon by displaying enticing bundles on your product pages. Apply bundle discounts to motivate customers to choose the bundle over individual products.

Cart Page Upsell Funnel

Unlock exceptional conversion rates by implementing a cart page upsell funnel. Our app presents an initial offer to visitors on the cart page, leading to an immediate increase in the average order value.

Post-Purchase Upsell

With the post-purchase upsell feature, subtly introduce related products for cross-selling opportunities after the order confirmation. Capitalize on this effective method to maximize your revenue.

Add to Cart Upsell

Surprise your customers with captivating product recommendations right after they add items to their cart using the Add to Cart Upsell feature.

Empower your shop with the perfect opportunity to boost revenue. Provide visitors with irresistible, discounted upsell offers seamlessly integrated into the product purchase flow.

Key Benefits

With the Upsell & Cross-Sell Product Kit app, your online store gains the power to create highly persuasive pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers, effectively driving conversions and boosting sales.

By utilizing the Upsell & Cross-Sell Product Kit app, you unlock a wide range of possibilities to enhance your upselling and cross-selling strategies. Craft irresistible offers that entice customers to make additional purchases both before and after completing their initial order.

Our intuitive app provides you with the tools to create compelling upsell and cross-sell offers that seamlessly integrate into your customers' shopping experience. By strategically presenting relevant and complementary products, you can entice them to add more items to their cart, increasing their average order value and maximizing your revenue potential.

Whether it's suggesting related accessories, offering exclusive bundle deals, or showcasing popular "frequently bought together" items, the Upsell & Cross-Sell Product Kit app empowers you to optimize your sales funnel and provide a personalized shopping journey.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage this powerful app and take your online store to new heights. Start creating persuasive upsell and cross-sell offers today and witness the transformative impact on your conversions and overall success.

Suitable for Various Industries

  • Clothing
  • Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery
  • Sports
  • Toys
  • Accessories
  • Any online store selling related products


See it in action on our demo store and unlock the potential of upselling and cross-selling today!



Made by Infinite Apps

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