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Splitit - Installment Payments Made Easy

Made by Infinite Apps

Installments-as-a-Service puts the power back in the hands of merchants to retain customers, drive conversion, and increase average order value.

  • Own the end-to-end journey
  • No registrations or redirects
  • Use existing credit

Increase shopper loyalty with white-label Installments

Splitit’s Installments-as-a-Service platform is a new way to drive installment payments through a merchant-branded experience. While merchants are experiencing increased sales with legacy BNPL, they also face several challenges: losing control of consumer relationships, poor checkout conversion due to consumer friction, low credit approval rates and heightened regulatory scrutiny. Splitit’s Installments-as-a-Service platform mitigates these issues, making it the most attractive value proposition for merchants.



Made by Infinite Apps

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