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Shareable Cart & Buyable Links: Makes customer cart shareable and transferable between devices

Price: $2.99 / month, free trial
Made by Infinite Apps

Get the shareable & buyable cart link and QR code. Publish a direct link to your shop with predefined products already added to the cart. An easy way to get new customers and save them time.

  • Fully automatic: Simply install, no coding is required
  • Allow customers to share cart with friends or when moving from device to device
  • Increase sales and get new customers

The most Intuitive way for customers to share their shopping carts that makes it easy for others to buy. Logged-in & Guest users both can share their cart items with friends via link or QR code. Cart sharing is an easy way to get new customers.

Buyable Links

Create and share to social networks and social campaigns a direct link to your shop with predefined products already added to the cart. Speed up conversion to your new and existing customers.

Shareable Cart

Customers can share cart items with friends as guest customers also, there is no login compulsory on the store. They can use the generated link and copy/paste it anywhere or they can scan QR code and continue with the purchase.

Increase Sales

Your customers are most likely to share about the products they really care about. Allowing existing customers to share cart Items will Increase purchases, sales, new customers & customer retention.

Easy Customization

Share button and modal (popup) are fully customizable when it comes to colors, font sizes, position, etc.



Made by Infinite Apps

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