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Automated Customer Reviews: Boost Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp & more

Price: $20/month, 7-day free trial
Made by Infinite Apps

Send automated follow-up email when your clients receive orders. Improve / collect ratings & customer feedback on many review sites at once.

  • Get customer reviews by email: Improve / collect ratings & customer feedback on many review sites at once
  • Avoid negative reviews: Redirect unhappy customers to private feedback form
  • Build review email marketing: Boost store SEO with high rating on Google, Trustpilot, Facebook reviews

Have you ever googled your store reviews and found that you have poor or no rating on major review sites? Automated Customer Reviews app is here to help! Most people's buying decisions are actually influenced by online reviews - which only emphasizes how important publishing your customer’s opinions really is.

Automated Customer Reviews app will help you dramatically improve your store ratings, trust score, SEO and reputation by working with your happy customers. Build social proof, improve SEO, boost sales as your service and product reviews grow.

Your Facebook reviews / Google reviews / Yelp reviews / any other review site ratings will explode!

How it works:

  1. App will send a post purchase survey email to every customer once they receive your product. You can also customize the email template and add or offer discount coupons.
  2. If the customer is satisfied, the app will redirect them to a review site of your choice - such as Google reviews, Facebook reviews page, Yelp and many others. You can configure your own sources
  3. Unsatisfied customers will be directed to contact you directly (via the custom feedback form) about their issue, so you can solve it promptly and avoid ugly site reviews!

Main features

  • Fully custom automatic review emails
  • Set the trigger for the automated email to collect feedback based on shipping time
  • Add unlimited review sites to which your happy customers will be sent
  • Track follow up emails efficiency and conversions metrics
  • Avoid negative customer reviews. Receive only great reviews!

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Made by Infinite Apps

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