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Conversion (Pixel/Tag) Tracker: One click installation of social network trackers

Made by Infinite Apps

A single place to install and maintain all social network conversion trackers (TikTok, VKontakte (VK), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,...)

  • Single place for all social trackers (pixel/tag)
  • Many platform already supported and more to come
  • One click installation

Single place to one click install social pixels and tags onto your website and track conversions more easily and accurately. No more hustle with changing theme files or waiting for a developer.

Get full insights on how your social ads are performing by adding a tracking pixel/tag to your store in a simple click!

Improve conversion

With the insights you will get from the tracking pixels/tags (includes information about the events, page views, form submissions and a lot more) you will be able to:

  • Track and optimize conversions
  • Measure campaign performance
  • Build audiences for targeting
  • Improve the quality of the content for the traffic you are having

One Click Installation

Absolutely no technical knowledge is required at all in order to install and activate the any social pixel/tag in your store. Simply copy it from your social network account (VK, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and paste it in the app. For every social network there is a special link with instructions on how and what to copy.

Universal Support

Our app supports all stores and themes.



Made by Infinite Apps

Contact developer at admin@infiniteapps.net

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