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Mega Menu: Present Shop Categories at a glance with a Multi-level Mega Menu

Price: $5.49 / month, free trial
Made by Infinite Apps

Transform your categories into an awesome drop-down menu with multiple layouts available.

  • Increase overall visibility of categories: Mega menu will draw customer’s attention
  • Decrease bounce rate by neatly presenting all categories: Reduce the number of clicks till the final products
  • Improve sales and improve UX: Land the customers quickly onto the right pages
  • Include your best sellers or products you want to promote as an additional menu item
  • Include custom links (About Us, FAQ, ...) as additional menu items

Help customers easily navigate through your Categories. Improve the engagement rate and overall user experience of your store.

Why Mega Menu?

In today’s world, when everything is one click away, the mega menu which showcases most of your categories is a must-have feature on every e-commerce website. It is much easier and comes naturally from using other apps, especially on mobile devices.

Therefore, our app is an excellent way to interact with visitors while keeping their attention right after they land on the page. This will radically reduce the risk of missing important info which might lead them to eventually bounce.

After the installation, the app will automatically pull all your published categories and transform them into a mega menu with the layout you choose. Super simple and fast.

Features included:

  • Best seller products - Showcase selected products
  • Multiple layouts (templates) available
  • Render Categories with or without images and description
  • Responsive support for all devices
  • Customize the styling to match your shop UI
  • Fast and optimized components, no 3rd party scripts or images which slow down your site
  • Responsive support and ongoing improvements
  • Include custom links (About Us, FAQ, ...) as additional menu items


Check the app in action on our demo store.



Made by Infinite Apps

Contact developer at admin@infiniteapps.net

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