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Automated Product Labels & Badges: Animated Product Labels in minutes

Price: $5.49 / month, free trial
Made by Infinite Apps

Engage with your customers by showing them essential info (sale, discount, new, BFCM, ...). Automate and schedule your labels.

  • Catchy Labels on product image: Create animated labels which will make your products stand out
  • Attract customers with important info: Feature discounts, new products, stock level, holiday promotions and more
  • Schedule your labels: Select the timeframe in which you want labels to appear
  • Automatic assignment: Define the conditions and automate your label
  • Supports category page: Make clear distinctions of products with animated labels on categories pages

Automated Product Labels & Badges app offers a perfect way of organizing, scheduling, and automating all product labels, ribbons, and badges that one store needs. In just a few clicks you can define your labels and capture customers’ attention with vital info about the product and its benefits, which leads to more conversions.

How it works

One simple way of drawing customers’ attention is by using Labels & Badges. This will make your products stand out and clearly communicate to the customers which products have which benefits. As a result this will increase your conversion rate as more visitors will be interested in checking out the products in detail.

By using this app, you can define as many labels & badges as your store needs. You can choose from different shapes and specify your store branding, so the labels will perfectly blend in into your store.

Make sure to notify your customers when you have ‘HOT’ or ‘NEW’ products, discounts ‘10% OFF’, ‘SALE’ or ‘LIMITED’ collection for example. Showcase ‘BEST SELLER’ products or offer holidays promotions.

Easily Automate with a range of conditions and Schedule your labels, so you don’t have to worry about hiding them after expiration or holiday season has ended.

Key features

  • Unlimited number of labels & badges
  • Define colors, position, size, text, etc
  • Animate labels appearance with eye catching animations
  • Supports multi language text, so you don’t have to worry about translations
  • Supports scheduling, you can define when the labels will appear
  • Automatic assignments of the labels based on the conditions you define
  • Manual assignment to selected products only
  • Labels on Category page
  • Multiple labels per product
  • Multiple shapes to choose from
  • Quickly enable/disable labels
  • Help with any special request


Check the product demo here. Check the category demo here.



Made by Infinite Apps

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