Google Smart Shopping: Advertise your products on Youtube, Gmail, Google Search & Display

Price: $150+ / month
Made by Kliken

Create a Google Smart Shopping Campaign in 5 minutes

  • Sell to shoppers searching on Youtube, Gmail, Google Search and Display
  • Automatically manage ad creation, targeting, bidding, and budget allocation across all Google networks
  • Focus your budget on what products and networks sell the best
  • Maximize sales by continually optimizing your campaigns for better reach and conversions

Put your store's marketing on autopilot with Google Smart Shopping powered by Kliken

People are searching for your products on Google every day. Getting your ads in front of the right people is easy with Google Smart Shopping powered by Kliken. We automatically set up your ads with your store and product information. You let us know which products you want to advertise and where you want to advertise them. From there, we automatically generate Google optimized product ads to show on Google search results.

Once your campaign is live, we will provide detailed Ecommerce reports about your top products, ads, revenue, and much more. We will also help calculate your ROI and other important metrics to see how effective your marketing efforts are. Best of all, you can manage your store and marketing all in one place. Packages start as low as $150/month. Get started today and grow your business with Google Smart Shopping powered by Kliken!



Made by Kliken

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