FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

Price: Free to $1249.95 / month
Made by FraudLabs Pro

Payment fraud prevention solution to minimize fraud losses and chargebacks

  • Reduce fraud losses & chargebacks
  • Customize your own fraud validation rules
  • Protect your store with free fraud prevention plan

Protect your online store from payment fraud

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention App screens your incoming orders and helps you to detect the fraud orders. It is equipped with advanced algorithms to validate a huge number of elements in a fraction of a second to uncover the fraud orders accurately. Below are the keys validation:

  • IP address validation
  • Anonymous proxy validation
  • Billing & shipping address validation
  • Ship forwarder address validation
  • User account validation
  • Email address validation
  • Credit card BIN validation
  • Transaction validation
  • Device validation
  • Blacklist validation

Why FraudLabs Pro?

Flexibility. You can use the fraud score, or customize your own fraud validation rules, or a combination of both, for fraud detection.

Free. We offer you a free plan to start fraud protection on your online store.

Trustworthy. We have been in the fraud prevention industry for more than 10 years. And our solution is used by thousands of merchants globally.



Made by FraudLabs Pro

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