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Exit Offer: Show Offers to Exiting Visitors

Price: $9.99 / month, free trial

Convert potential bounced visitors into revenue with Exit Offer

  • Show a special offer popup when customer moves their mouse to exit your store without completing their purchase (not applicable to mobile devices). The popup is completely customizable.
  • Use the active coupons of your store and create different offers.
  • Offer examples include Free Shipping or a Discount on Cart total, and much more

Generate additional revenue by converting customers abandoning cart to a potential client.

Exit Offer is a great app which gives you complete control over customization of an offer or promotion upon attempting to exit your online store. Create popup with attractive colors and templates matching your current website theme.

I would like to say that the Exit Offer has been a success on my site. We have had over $5,000 in sales from the offer in about 2 months since we added the app to the site. From early indications, it seems to have increased business by about 10-20%. The app works flawlessly since the last update and all I have to do is watch the business increase. I may try so more variations in the future, but why mess with success!Richard,

Exit Offer can help to increase your revenue by a significant percentage. In fact, many merchants realize a return on investment in only few sales.

I am happy with it as it allowed us to increase sales about 20%. Carlos Carvalho,


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