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Ecomail: Email Marketing

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Made by Ecomail

Marketing platform for easy creation and sending of emails

  • Drag & Drop newsletter template editor
  • Personalized content for each customer
  • Email automation and segmentation
  • Signup forms for database growth

Ecomail is an email and omnichannel marketing platform. Communicate effectively with customers using email, SMS, Facebook. With us, you can do this simply and automatically, yet with individual care.

Drag & drop newsletter template editor

Design beautiful and responsive emails without the need for a coder. Choose from over 100 templates.

Signup forms

Grow your contact list using a popup, embedded, or slider signup form.

Precise targeting using segmentation

Divide your database according to contact attributes, preferences, interests and activity.

Personalized and dynamic content

Use custom fields, personalized blocks with last viewed, bought, or recommend products and create a truly personalized message.

Automations & Free automation templates

Set up automated campaigns and let them work for you. Use templates of the most popular automations - welcome series, discount on the first purchase, abandoned cart and more.


See the performance of your campaigns in comprehensive reports which include all the essential metrics.

Omnichannel connection

Connect with other channels and communicate with your customers on Facebook.

You can do it all by yourself! Ecomail is intuitive and easy to use. Really ;)



Made by Ecomail

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