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DPO Group

Made by DPO Group

Process DPO Group payments of all types on your website.

  • Highest Security Level – PCI DSS level 1 compliance with cutting-edge fraud management capabilities.
  • All Payment Modes – Say yes to all payment methods and currencies.
  • Customer Support – Dedicated team ready to assist with any issue.

DPO's highly secure payment platform makes payments simple by allowing businesses to accept credit cards, mobile payments and cross-border payments.

Make payments easy and secure. Make your customers happy.

DPO Group’s mission is to bring African businesses the most advanced online and offline payment processing technologies, while supporting growth and financial inclusion. The DPO Group payment processing solution allows merchants to accept payments online & offline, settle payments, receive cash advances and enjoy seamless payment processing.

DPO Group is the biggest pan African PSP. We expanded our footprint into West Africa through organic growth and to Southern Africa by M&A (through its subsidiary PayGate). By constantly implementing new and advanced payment technologies and by providing the highest security levels we truly enabled our customers to have the freedom to pay and get paid anywhere, anytime.



Made by DPO Group

Contact developer at https://www.directpay.online/support/

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