Daily Delivery Manager

Price: One-time purchase, $69 / 1 year licence, month free trial

Organize and print your orders for daily delivery.

  • Stay on top of your delivery schedule.
  • Organize and print deliveries for each day for you and your driver.
  • View highest and lowest sales volume on products and customers for planning.
  • See sales by month over a 3 year period.

Organize, manage and print your orders for daily delivery.

Do you do local deliveries? Wish you had a tool that was ‘delivery date’ centric? Would you like to see and print a daily to-do list with just one click of the mouse? Well look no further!

With this app you can product daily reports of how many orders are pending by the customers requested delivery date. It organizes the order data showing you just what you need to see to help prepare your products, quality check for accuracy, and give your driver a concise delivery list.

Configuration screens are provided to tailor the report based on your operations.

Included is a reporting tool for seeing what your best (and lowest) selling products/customers are to help you gauge future inventory needs and marketing, eliminate products not selling, etc.

Also included is a past sales graph showing you side-by-side monthly revenue for the past three years.

This app requires no manual export/import of your orders from your online stores control panel.

Please note this is a downloaded Excel spreadsheet that contains scripting for calling approved APIs to read-only retrieve your orders and products. It requires a MS Windows desktop/laptop PC and MS Office/Excel.

Also, it requires access to Ecwid by Lightspeed API, thus your store should be on any of the paid plans.



Made by GGP Utilities Inc

Contact developer at gperkins007@gmail.com

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