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Crowdlever: Boost Sales with Beautiful Recent Order Notifications

Made by Crowdlever

Smart social proof technology to boost your purchase conversion rate.

  • Boost: Increase your sales conversion rate by showing your store is buzzing with customer activity – leverage the power of social proof
  • Customise: Make your storefront sales notifications look and feel like the rest of your site and choose from a large selection of beautiful animations
  • Track: Use our super simple analytics dashboard to see how many views and clicks your notifications are getting
  • Measure: Connect your Google Analytics account and see sales from your notifications, actually measure the revenue produced by your notifications

Show your site is live and buzzing with user activity to boost your sales

What do reviews, rating and long queues outside restaurants have in common? They all use the clever principle of social proof to boost sales.

Social proof is the idea that you are more likely to make a purchase if you see someone else is doing the same. Crowdlever allows you to leverage this idea by showing recent order notifications on your site. Your website suddenly becomes alive, more trusted and busy like a store in the real world.

What to show more than just recent orders? No problem, you can add custom notifications to show new products, newsletter subscriptions, new deals, new users… Use our rich text editor to fully customise your message.

Your notifications are fully customisable including: display timings, positioning, colors and the message text.



Made by Crowdlever

Contact developer at https://crowdlever.io/support

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