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Convead: Marketing Automation and Analytics

Price: From $35 / month to $90+ / month
Made by Convead

Get, Keep and Grow Customers with Convead Marketing Automation

  • Free Analytics and Sales Funnel Visualization
  • Segmentation of Prospects and Customers
  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Automated Email Campaigns and Live Chat

Boost sales and grow customer loyalty

Convead is a marketing platform that analyzes customer behavior, reveals sales bottlenecks, and provides powerful tools and recommendations to increase conversions and revenue.

Upon entering an offline store, people are instantly approached by a salesperson. Otherwise, they are "just looking". A good salesperson carefully encourages shoppers to make a purchase – finds out their needs, gives personalized recommendations and introduces special offers. If visitors aren't quite ready for the purchase, a salesperson will try to get their contacts to reach out later. After the purchase, he'll stay in touch to inform customers about new goods and promotions.

Convead is the automatic "salesperson" for your online store, empowered by machine learning technologies. It shows your visitors the most relevant offers, asks for their email and phone number, and activates a Live Chat at the right moment. If your prospect has left the website – Convead will do its best to bring them back! A reliable and smart marketing assistant, Convead will notify your customers about new goods and promotions, never forget to wish them a happy birthday or remind to replenish their stocks.

It’s not magic – Convead needs to be set up and tuned. But the time you spend on it will be greatly compensated by the growth of sales and conversions. And without additional expenses on advertising!

Convead helps online stores:

  • Collect emails of visitors to your website;
  • Analyze customer behaviour to understand their needs;
  • Recover abandoned carts and upsell with automated emails;
  • Chat with customers online via multiple channels;
  • Flexibly segment prospects and customers to provide personalized offers;
  • Drive repeat purchases with marketing campaigns;
  • Get a visual representation of your sales funnel and evaluate the results in real time.

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Made by Convead

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