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CloudSearch: Product Search That Pays For Itself

Instant search that increases your sales

  • Search as you type with instant results, suggestions and spelling corrections
  • Blazingly fast and extremely relevant search results
  • Search statistics and analytics for gaining insight into your customers' search behavior
  • Advanced tools for fine-tuning your customers' search experience

Sell more with quicker and smarter product search

Quick and accurate product search that boosts your conversion rate. The responsiveness, accuracy and speed with which the results appear at your customers’ fingertips will drive them to make a purchase in a convenient and pleasant way.

Even when you're on a free 30-day trial, CloudSearch will start converting to real sales inaccurate and misspelled searches that otherwise would be lost. After the free trial, it’s just $1 a day.

Search as you type with real-time suggestions

Search results start to be displayed instantly and are refined as the user continues typing. The user can stop short of typing the entire word or phrase at any time and choose one of the suggested options. CloudSearch shortens the path from the customer’s need to the real sale.

Amazingly fast and relevant search results

Based on the industry-leading enterprise search technologies, CloudSearch recognizes word forms and uses other advanced full-text search capabilities under the hood. We do all the heavy lifting while your customers can find what they want.

If it is on your site, it will be found

Search through categories in addition to product properties such as name, description, SKU, product attributes, and options. The more data is taken into account, the more robust and effective the search will be.

Automatic spelling corrections

Even if a word was misspelled, the customer can still find the product by using a closely related option from the presented list. Don’t lose potential sales because of human mistakes. Instead, let us fix them.

Search statistics and analytics

Find out what your store visitors searched for, what search terms are the most popular, and what popular queries returned no results. This data can lead you to insights on how to optimize your catalog to match your customers’ needs better. Maybe there is an unsatisfied demand that you can convert to real sales.


Promote your selected products to customers by specifying target search queries.


Specify words or phrases that should be treated as equivalent to improve the search results of specific queries.

Multi-language support

CloudSearch works great with non-English languages, too. We have merchants successfully using CloudSearch with French, Greek, Slovenian, Arabic, and other languages. If you have product descriptions in different languages, be sure that customers will find what they need, no matter what language they speak (Tip: you can use Synonyms to make words in different languages mean the same thing).

Proven to increase conversion rate

Many clients report an increased conversion rate; some even get as much as a 25% gain!



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