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Quick Checkout: Combined email & phone checkout with OTP

Price: Billed externally

Make it possible to check out in your shop with a phone number (verified by OTP - optional) instead of an email OR combine both fields and let the customer choose.

  • Combine email and phone fields at checkout with auto country code selector
  • Enable OTP verification to ensure valid phone number (Link your Twilio account)
  • Auto fill same number at shipping and billing address page

Checkout with a phone number OR email ID OR combine both fields and verify with OTP

There are customers who want to provide either email ID or phone number for a faster checkout process. Also there are customers who don't have an email address or are reluctant to provide it because of potential spam or marketing emails. This application will allow such customers to place orders in your store, as it gives a possibility to check out without filling in the email address field or provide a single field for email ID or phone number and let the customers decide the way they want to checkout in your store.

In your Control Panel, a new order will be created with the hidden service email. It consists of the customer's phone number and gmail as the default domain. For example,

Demo store


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