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Chatra: Live Chat

Price: Free to $15+ / month, free trial

Answer questions and alleviate concerns to encourage visitors to place an order

  • See shopper's cart contents, personal info and delivery address in real time to identify most valuable customers and provide tailored assistance
  • One click setup — seamless integration
  • Chat on the go from iOS/Android apps

Sell more, answer questions and alleviate concerns, assisting visitors in real time.

Chatra Live Chat and Cart Saver allows you to sell more, answering questions and alleviating concerns to help visitors place an order.

Chatra allows you to see shopper's cart contents in real time to identify most valuable customers and provide tailored assistance.

Chatra is an excellent app. It allows us to enable live chat on our website which is a huge deal. We can reply to customers instantly and get back to anyone we missed. Bryce Olson, Prestige Color Printing.

Distinctive Features:

  • Cart Saving. Reduce cart abandonment rate, proactively contacting customers stuck on the check out.
  • Live typing insights. See what customers type before they hit 'send'. Save time on preparing an answer.
  • Group chats. Make few agents talk to a customer in a group chat to solve pressing issues and delight with the level of service.
  • Visitor information. Know your customers — what page they are on, where are they from and what device and system they use to access your store.
  • Conversation history. We save past conversations for both you and your customers, so once they return the conversation continues in the same thread, as in a messenger app.
  • Collects contact info. Even when you are offline or unavailable, so that you can get back to customers even if they left your site.
  • Targeted chats (triggers). Initiate conversations when certain criteria are met: target those customers who might be in need of assistance.
  • Agent photos visible pre-chat. After clicking on the widget, visitors can see photos and names of the online agents, even before they start chatting. This is highly engaging and can lift a number of quality chat interactions.
  • Work from a browser, desktop or mobile apps. Windows & Mac, Android & iOS. Looks & feels as a messenger app.
  • Free forever plan. Up to 5 agents can be online at the same time.



Made by Roger Wilco LLC

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