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Activate online payment acceptance on your website in 5 minutes. Customize the payment page to suit your needs.

  • Customizing of the payment page for your business
  • Digital content delivery after payment
  • Regular payment arrangement
  • Increasing confidence with the safe deal
  • Automatic order status switch
  • Ability to choose payment widget localization
Capusta.Space is a payment service with a ready-made set of solutions for merchants who run their business online.
Wide functionality allows to set up payment acceptance for business needs
Quick registration and identification
We cooperate with individuals or self-employed people
Accept and withdraw in different currencies
Customize payment methods - MIR/ VISA / MasterCard / Uzcard / Humo, Yandex Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and e-wallets Yoomoney and Qiwi



Made by PK Payterra LTD

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