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Bulk Image Upload: for all types of product images

Price: Billed externally
Made by Roman Zander

Upload main, gallery, and product variation images using a CSV file

  • Prepare a spreadsheet CSV file with "Product SKU to Image" relationships.
  • Use images from anywhere on the web via URLs or simply from a ZIP on your local computer.
  • Start uploading and let the App do the work for you.

Use this App when you have too many products to deal with the pictures one by one

This App will upload images to Products by SKU, so you need to know SKUs or just export them from your Store first.

Main image, gallery images, Product variation image

Every 1st image you assign to some SKU becomes "main" Product image, every next image becomes an additional ("gallery") image.

The App will also upload the image to the Product variation (depending on the Color or Size option for example) if your Product variation has an unique SKU.

Upload by URL or from local computer

Use URLs as image names (like "") if you know where your images are placed on the internet.

If you prefer to upload from your local computer, just pack the images to single ZIP archive.

You can even mix "by URL" with "from local by names" in one uploading session.

Know, don't guess: see the log

The App writes saveable "log" text during uploading, so you always know where exactly something goes wrong (or all done well).

Very handy when you upload images to hundreds or thousands of Products.

Use prepared .CSV and .ZIP examples as a template

The App Knowledge Base article has downloadable sample files to figure out how to start.



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