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Blocky: IP/Country Blocker & Fake Orders Blocker

Price: $2,99 / month, 7-days free trial

Block bots and visitors by their geolocation country or IP address and prevent them from accessing your store

  • Block visitors from certain countries from accessing your store
  • Block specific visitors by their IP address
  • Block bots, crawlers and scammers who use a Proxy or VPN connection
  • Visitor analytics: Get insightful metrics about your site visitors: IP, country, browser & more

Reduce fraud by blocking bots and visitors by their geolocation country, IP address or if they use a proxy/VPN connection. Get insightful metrics about your store audience and easily detect and block bot, scammers and fraudulent visitors

Stop chargeback disputes based on shipping issues and reduce fraudulent orders by blocking visitors from certain countries and preventing them from accessing your store!

Country-specific Visitors Blocker

After installed, the app blocks visitors from countries you choose and prevents them from accessing your store and performing actions in it.

Block IP Addresses

Are you being attacked or harassed by a scammer or a known IP address? Put an end to that by adding their IP Address to the app's black list and prevent their access completely and immediately.

Block Bots and Visitors That Use Proxy, Tor Browser or VPN

Easily block visitors who use Tor Browser, a proxy or VPN connection in order to access your store. Prevent them from making a fraudulent order before they even start to think about it!

Stop Crawlers and Automatic Spy Tools (SpyTools)

Blocky will block SpyTools and web crawlers from accessing your store and copycatting your products, pages and ideas!

Apply Strict Shipping Restrictions

Prevent orders from visitors located in countries you don't ship to by blocking the customer's access to the store right from the beginning.

Reduce The Risk of Fraud

Only allowing visitors from countries you are conducting business with will reduce the risk that a fraudulent scammer will make a purchase and open a dispute afterwards.

Fully Customizable

You can fully customize the design and the text of the message that will appear to blocked visitors.

One-Click Installation

No technical knowledge is required at all in order to install and activate the country blocker in your store. It will immediately start working after the installation.



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