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AURPAY: Accept crypto payments in Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, and 50+ more tokens

Price: Free
Made by AURPAY

Empower your business with crypto payment with 50+ cryptocurrencies.

  • Reduce 96% gas consumption for settlement.
  • Transparent processing fees, lower than 1%. Better than any other payment plugins.
  • Pure non-custodial, we don’t hold your funds or key, merchants are in full control of received payments. Powered by Smart Contract.
  • Stablecoin USDC settlement with 1:1 ratio with USD, zero volatility guarantee.
  • Bitcoin lightning network supported: zero transaction fees and instant transactions.
  • Better customer checkout experience, Smooth QR scan.
  • No chargebacks, no fraud.
  • Automatically convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency real-time price at checkout.
  • Easy refund, and partial order resolve.
  • Use any crypto wallet you want.
  • 24/7 live support
  • Developer friendly and support API options.

Expand customer base and increase revenue by accepting crypto payments from 50M+ users globally.

Quick and easy setup in less a minute

For more product features, please visit our official website, or sign up to get a merchant account. The first 100 merchants will get crypto rewards, the first 50 payments are free!

Aurpay provides safer, non-custodial, global, instant crypto payment for Ecwid by Lightspeed customers. Any cryptocurrency options are converted to fiat rates at real-time exchange rates. Payment processing fees are much lower than any digital payment method you have ever seen in the marketplace.

Why choose Aurpay:
Aurpay has no setup fees, no subscription fees, no hidden costs, no chargebacks. Pure non-custodial, no third party charge, all transactions are peer-to-peer. Merchants send crypto payment links directly to customers with no middleman, no code required.

Apply to become a partner via if you have merchant resources, you will earn commission on each transaction merchants made. Checkout our partner program to increase your margin of merchant resources monetization. Earn transaction-based rewards!


  • Accept slight underpayments, and resolve underpaid orders.
  • Or Request a Remaining amount for an underpaid order.
  • Issue refunds directly from the order!
  • Send direct payment links to your customer.
  • Receive instant payouts to your wallet.
  • Embedded Payment button to your site.
  • Customize token options, choose token you want to receive.

An end buyer's journey -- Example:

  1. A customer buys a $100 item and wants to pay Bitcoin.
  2. An order is generated by the real-time exchange rate and costs 0.0049 Bitcoin.
  3. Once the order is paid, the fund goes to your crypto wallet directly. Withdraw anytime.

Partner Incentive Reward Program!

  • Register a partner account and get a percentage of their transaction-based profit.
  • Easy sign-up referral link to get merchants.
  • Lifetime reward. Manage your merchants in the partner dashboard. The more merchants you bring, the more reward you get!

Apply to become a partner at and get a discount with a specialist.

Aurpay is available for store owners and merchants in more than 100+ countries/regions with more being added.



Made by AURPAY

Contact developer at

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