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Arka: Packaging and Supplies

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Made by Arka

Arka provides branded and unbranded packaging for e-commerce businesses.

  • Order low quantities
  • Use eco-friendly materials
  • Made in the USA + International Shipping

Get started on custom packaging with as little as ten boxes and measure the impact it can have on your brand!

Design and Order your Box in Just a Few Clicks

Any company can easily source and design their packaging online via the Arka Custom Packaging app by following the steps below:

  1. Select the type of box and material you'd like
  2. Determine the sizing and quantity
  3. Brand it with your company colors, text, and images for free
  4. Select your shipping address and checkout
  5. We will send you a digital proof for your custom boxes and will go ahead with production once the proofs are approved

Value of Custom Packaging

Increase retention rates, customer loyalty, and brand advocacy by creating a memorable unboxing experience with Arka.

We Find the Lowest Pricing

Our boxes are optimized for shipping rates, so you don't have to worry about extra costs. We even crowdsource orders into weekly batches to make low-volume orders possible, as few as 10 boxes at a time!



Made by Arka

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