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Accessibility Toolkit

Price: $ 5.99 / month, 3-days free trial

Internet is accessible to everyone; make your store too.

  • Revenue With Responsibilities
  • Inbuilt Text To Speech
  • Responsive and customizable

Do Not Ignore Disabled Netizens

As you already know today because of the digital revolution internet access is easily accessible to all age groups and all types of people, old age and disabled people are no longer the exception, but lots of eCommerce stores neglect the market share of this very customer group, but you shouldn't, disable and aged people avoid if sites are complicated to understand, our app could add value to your store plus it will help you to gain market share of this customer group, consider it, we can't wait for you to be a part of our happy family.

What app will do?

Your website visitors can be able to customize the website as per their requirements to conquer their disabilities.

What Changes Can Be Apply?

  • Text To Speech
  • Invert colors
  • Increase / Decrease font size
  • Grayscale mode
  • Highlight links
  • Highlight titles
  • Toolkit Customization
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy Installation



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