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Custom Background Music

Price: $1.99 / month, free trial

Add music that will play in your store's background

  • Set the shopping rhythm for your customers and boost sales and conversions!
  • Add your own catchy song to the background of your store and amuse your customers
  • Fast one-click installation

Would you like to add a unique song that will play in your store while customers shop? Try Custom Background Music!

Create a unique shopping experience and boost sales in your store by adding music that will amuse your customers!

About The App
Once installed, the app allows you to add a song that will be played in the background of your store.

Set Your Own Rhythm
Choose what your customers will hear when they'll visit your store - give them an epic shopping experience with a catchy song that will encourage them to buy!

Choose Where It Will Play
You can choose whether the song will play in the background of any page of your store, or just in the homepage.

Main Features:

• Add a song of your choice that plays in the background of your store in a click
• Auto loop
• Control the song's volume
• Set the speaker's icon color, size and position
• Choose whether the song will play in the background of the entire store or just in the homepage
• Super easy to use and to modify



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