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Store Design Apps

Enhance your store with eye-catching features and customize the way your store looks and feels with design tweaks and themes

Instant search that increases your sales
CloudSearch: Product Search That Pays For Itself
$29.95 / month, free trial
Beautiful and clear drop-down categories menu with pictures
Multi-level Illustrated Menu: Show Categories Menu with Pictures
$4.25 / month, free trial
Display recently viewed products to improve your store navigation
Recently Viewed Products
Increase product views by adding labels to your storefront
Product Labels
$7.95 / month, free trial
Design your storefront the way you want it to look
Store Designer
$2.99 / month, free trial
Improve sales by showing random products from your catalog
Random Product Widget
Add color filter functionality to your storefront
Filter by Color
Personal recommendations to increase sales and customer loyalty
Smart Recommendations and Recently Viewed Products
$5.99 / month, free trial
Let your customers know a product has free shipping with a Free Shipping Icon
Free Shipping Icon
Easily display 360° interactive views of your products in your Online Store
Imajize: 360º Product Views
From $75 to $100 / month, free trial
Increase customer registration by letting them register with their social account in just one click
Social Login
$1.99 / month, free trial
Improve navigation by showing all products of a specific brand in storefront
Clickable Brand
$1.99 / month, free trial
Offer autosuggestions and advanced search to your customers
Product Search Enhancer
$9.95 / month, free trial
Make it possible to checkout in your shop with phone number instead of email.
Checkout with Phone Number
$2.99 / month
The best way to demonstrate new and best-selling products to a buyer
New Products and Bestsellers
$4.99 / month, free trial
Useful widgets and tools for displaying your products on a WordPress site
WordPress Widgets Avalanche
50+ Premium Themes and Templates from
Premium Wordpress Themes
From $17 to $64
Add tabs to product descriptions
Tabber: Product Description Tabs
$3 / month, free trial
The best product preview to improve the shopping experience
Quick View for Product Listings
$4.75 / month, free trial
Easily restyle your online store the way you want
Decorator: Restyle Your Store
Add Pinterest Save button to the main image on your product details pages
Pinterest Save Button
Custom theme created specifically for your store
Custom Themes
From $435
We develop what your store needs to compete

Sometimes unique products require more than what a static image can convey. If you can not find an app or a feature that will make your store complete, please contact us and we will create it for you.

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Store Design apps are amongst the most popular add-ons in the e-commerce industry, and for good reason! These design apps will give you the unparalleled capability to create a beautiful, custom online store experience. Check each store design app before buying to make sure you find the one that suits your business best!