HelpfulCrowd: Get More Sales with Reviews and Q&A

App price: Free to $35 / month, free trial

Generate up to 2.5x more sales with Reviews and Q&A on your site

  • Build shoppers confidence and trust by sharing authentic, verified reviews
  • Remove purchase barriers and build relationships by answering customers questions with Q&A – free forever!
  • Collect a stack load more reviews with HelpfulCrowd’s Frictionless Review Xperience – like Amazon, Airbnb and TripAdvisor
  • Start collecting reviews in minutes with out-of-the box setup with additional customisation options available for a branded experience

Get up to 2.5x more sales by collecting and sharing your best verified reviews and Q&A for visitors on the only store that matters – yours

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See what HelpfulCrowd can do for your business

Generating and sharing User Generate Content (UGC) from existing customers immediately helps visitors see that your brand is trusted by other consumers, and a positive review and trusted brand turns into profits for businesses.

HelpfulCrowd easily helps you generate and incorporate UGC and grow your brand through the use of star ratings, reviews, comments, and Q&A from current and previous consumers to grow your brand.

And for a limited time you can test drive all the following HelpfulCrowd features and more for 6 months:

Review Generation
✔︎ Unlimited review requests every month – Free Starter plan includes 75 review requests each month
✔︎ Automatic Review Request Emails (initial and reminder)
✔︎ Frictionless Review Xperience™ (FRX) – works with all email clients including Outlook
✔︎ Email Template customisation – personalise and brand email templates
✔︎ Smart Review Email request date triggers – order, paid, delivered, shipped
✔︎ Single email, multiple product review request email
✔︎ Thank You emails - build relationships by automatically sending customised thank you emails when you receive a review
✔︎ Email Scheduler – schedule when to deliver email
✔︎ Email Manager – override automatic sender with send now, don’t send, send again
✔︎ Import existing reviews – one-click import with templates
✔︎ Manual Review Requests – create single or bulk review requests for offline orders
✔︎ Historic Online Order Import - one-click import and review request for historic online orders

✔︎ Review Commenting – build relationships by commenting on customers reviews
✔︎ Reviews Tab – display all reviews and let customers write reviews from the product page
✔︎ Q&A tab – let customers ask questions and display answers on the product page
✔︎ Sidebar Tab – discretely share reviews and Q&A anywhere on your site
✔︎ Review Slider – a carousel to prominently show off reviews anywhere on your site
✔︎ Product Review Widget – inherits site theme to display reviews in beautiful, integrated layout
✔︎ Star Ratings – displays star ratings on product and category pages

✔︎ Social Push – share selected reviews on your favourite social channels
✔︎ User Generated Media – collect and share customer review photos and videos (Add-on)
✔︎ Rich Snippets – show star ratings and reviews in organic searches on supported platforms
✔︎ Inline SEO – Let Google bot crawl your reviews and Q&A for optimised SEO
✔︎ Review Page – optimise SEO by displaying all of your reviews on a dedicated page
✔︎ Review Rewards – thank customers for taking time to write a review and create repeat business with coupons (Add-on)

Content Management
✔︎ Product suppression – prevent review requests being sent for specific products
✔︎ Profanity filter – prevent inappropriate photos from being automatically published
✔︎ Email suppression – prevent review requests being sent to specific customers who have opted out of email correspondence
✔︎ Product Groupings – share reviews and Q&A across a group of related products (Add-on)

✔︎ Dashboard – summary of all review and Q&A activities
✔︎ Moderation – full control over which content to publish and report as inappropriate
✔︎ Automatic language translation for storefront – Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese (simplified) and more
✔︎ Intelligent auto-publish – automatically publish all appropriate content when received from customers
✔︎ Smart email assistant – seeds email with key information when you need to contact a customer privately

✔︎ Onboarding coaching and assistance
✔︎ 24/7 customer support
✔︎ Online Knowledgebase

Optional Paid Features (after 6 month trial finishes)
We understand that every store is different, which is why we created Add-ons.

Add-ons give you the flexibility to pick and choose which premium features you want, so you only pay for what you need, not what you don’t.

Currently available Add-ons include:
✔︎ Unlimited review requests – unlimited review collection
✔︎ Media Reviews – collect and share customer photos and videos with reviews
✔︎ Product groups – share reviews and Q&A across a group of related products
✔︎ Smart coupons – thank customers for taking time to write a review and create repeat business with coupons