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SMS Automated Notifications: Abandoned Cart, Order Info, Tracking

Price: $9.99 / month, free trial
Made by Computelib

Zero effort SMS, Automated Abandoned recovery, Order Confirmation, Tracking, Cancellation.

  • Increase your revenue up to an average 12% with automated abandoned cart recovery sms
  • No set up effort. Works with/as soon as you install, saves time and hassles
  • Increase customer loyalty and trust with sms notifications for Order tracking, payment confirmation and cancellation
  • Reduce cash on delivery and manual payment failure rates. Payment confirmation sent via SMS notifications
  • Free sms 30/month. 7 day free trial. See the benefits yourself before spending money
  • Best SMS delivery service, pay for what is delivered. Delivery reports to cross check.

Increase your revenue and customer trust with hassle free automated sms notifications.

The application provides users with an easy setup and configuration interface for using SMS notifications. Users are provided with maximum control to select the SMS sending scenarios. On set up monthly 30 messages are provided free in wallet and in-app purchases for SMS packs are allowed. SMS by default is sent in following situations:

Abandoned Order Recovery

Recovery of abandoned orders increases the revenue by about 12%. SMS is one of the most used platforms for notifications and by selecting this feature SMS with a product link would be sent and would help increase store revenue.

Manual Payment/Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery order failures form a significant portion of revenue loss. SMS is sent to confirm the order and increase chances of success.

Order Tracking Information

As the order status is changed to shipped, SMS notification with tracking code so that better customer experience results.

Paid Order Confirmation

SMS notification is sent to the user whenever they make a payment for the order. This increases the customer trust.

Cancelled Order Confirmation

SMS notification is sent, whenever a confirmed order is cancelled. The customer is kept informed of the situation, this helps customer trust for future ordering.



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