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Logicly: Add logics to product options

Price: Billed externally

Enhance product options with Logicly App: Smart product options customization.

  • Add Conditions to product options: Show/ Hide/ Enable/ Disable
  • Add Validations to product options: Is String/ Number/ Email, Min/ Max limits
  • Add Custom fields with price modifier and footnotes: Text Inputs, Images, Radio Options
  • Add Alerts to product options: Show JS alerts or message below particular product option

Elevate Customer Experience with the Logicly App: Unleash the Power of Enhanced Product Options Customization

Logicly App is a powerful tool designed to enhance your product customization capabilities and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With an array of innovative features, Logicly App empowers you to take control of your product options like never before. Here are the key features that make Logicly App stand out:

1. Dynamic Conditions

Set up dynamic conditions to control how product options interact with each other. These conditions ensure that customers are presented with relevant choices based on their previous selections, guiding them through a logical and error-free customization process. Easily set dynamic conditions for your product options with Logicly App's user-friendly interface and intuitive "If-Then" rules.

2. Validation Rules

Logicly App enables you to implement validation rules to ensure that customers make appropriate and valid selections. You can set limits, minimums, maximums, and other validation criteria, preventing incompatible or incorrect choices.

3. Custom Fields

Distinguish your business from others by incorporating custom fields into your product pages. Gather precise details from customers as they place their orders, enabling you to offer personalized products and services tailored to their unique requirements. Additionally, you have the flexibility to include price modifiers and apply conditions to other fields, granting you even more control over the customization process. Regenerate your offerings with Logicly App and elevate the level of personalization you can provide to your valued customers.

4. The App enables adding alerts to product options, providing immediate guidance to customers during selection. It provides two alert types:

  • JS Alert: Upon selecting an option, a JavaScript-based pop-up emerges, sharing pertinent details or instructions
  • Inline Alert: Alerts are shown on the product page, below the chosen option, offering brief yet informative messages. HTML coding can be utilized in this area. The message will vanish automatically after a span of 10 seconds

    Live use cases of Logicly App:
  • Add a Gift Wrap Option
  • Cross-Sell Additional Products or Services
  • Personalized Product Bundles
  • Choose Your Sample Product
  • Personalized Text Engravings

    Various types of stores using Logicly App:
  • Customizable Clothing Store
  • Personalized Gift Shop
  • Build-Your-Own Subscription Box
  • Create Your Own Jewelry
  • Personalized Event Invitations
  • Customizable Pet Products
  • Bespoke Furniture Store
  • DIY Craft Kits
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans
  • Customizable Tech Gadgets

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of applications for Logicly App. The app's versatility and flexibility make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to provide personalized and customizable offerings to their customers.

User Guide: Manual.pdf


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