Simon Carter

Simon Carter strives to create the best quality designer menswear and accessories at affordable prices for style conscious gentlemen all over the world. Our work is characterised by a love of English tradition, often with a quirky or surprising edge that allows the Simon Carter well dressed man to stand out from the crowd.

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Ban Comic Sans

The Ban Comic Sans site was created by Dave and Holly Combs, both graphic designers, who started the same campaign in 2002 as an inside joke. Now you can obtain t-shirts and various stickers with Ban Comic Sans logo from the site.

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Atlas Scientific

Atlas Scientific manufactures high quality chemical sensors and components for the embedded systems, robotics and automation industry.

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Pro SUP Shop

Pro SUP Shop is located in the beautiful Marina Del Rey, the BEST place in Los Angeles to acclimate yourself to the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Pro SUP Shop is always stocked with a brand new rental fleet of super light weight & stable boards from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our professional staff of certified instructors are trained to help anyone from ages 7-70 get the most out of their SUP experience.
Come on out and get your paddle on.

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F/V Hard Merchandise

Hard Merchandise is a commercial fishing vessel, featured in National Geographic Channel’s program “Wicked Tuna.” The crew of F/V Hard Merchandise work year round, using rod and reel, catching groundfish as well as Giant Bluefin Tuna. This e-shop sells merchandise branded with their logo to meet demand generated National Geographic’s TV program.

ConalShop on Facebook

Conal is a women’s fashion retail Company that offers a variety of products such as Handbags, Shoes, Boots, Wallets and accessories to its clients. The Company focuses on sales through Facebook social platform, providing a familiar and user friendly environment. ConalShop on Facebook has more than 40,000 likes!

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Royal Bakery on Facebook

The Royal Bakery is a one-woman home bakery, owned by Lesley Wright, creating custom celebration cakes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She runs a successful Facebook Page (with almost 90,000 likes!) to showcase her work and offer help and advice to a growing audience of fellow-bakers and cake-lovers. The Royal Bakery’s mission is to create beautiful cakes that make a special occasion even more special, and inspire her Facebook Likers to hone their skills and create their own masterpiece.

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Kokosina Bags

Kokosina company produces unique leather products: ingenious bags and backpacks, colorful wallets and quality jackets. All the products are made with love and inspiration and will help you look unique!

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Star of Hope for Children

Star of Hope is a not-for-profit organization that positively changes the lives of children world-wide. Our Mission for over 40 years is to help the poorest children around the world create a better life for themselves. Our shop is geared to people giving “in honor of gifts” to needy families around the world.

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Angels for Animal Rescue

S. Rayers Associates ( has proven with its most recent app for Angels for Animal Rescue that Ecwid can help collect money for non-profit endeavors as well. The goal of the AFAR store is to provide donors a stream-lined, easy method of contributing to animals in need.

Rayne Longboards

Rayne Longboards manufacture’s premium, performance, 100% Canadian hand crafted longboards in our North Vancouver, BC factory. Taking the approach of better, best, different, Rayne is committed to a single goal: to be the premium longboard manufacturer, exceeding every expectation. We are the golden standard for professionals & amateurs worldwide. The store has more than 60,000 likes on Facebook as well!

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The Yarn Company

The Yarn Company is a revitalized high-end shop showcasing all fiber arts, with a strong emphasis on the unique and handmade. To complement the store’s focus on artisanship, they’ve amassed a vast collection of hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns and fibers, usually found only at fiber festivals or through the artisans themselves. Their renowned collection of exclusive colorways, designs and yarns designed in collaboration with the world’s top fiber artists is a must see.

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Vinyl Alibi

Vinyl Alibi is an independent record store in Ontario, Canada. It offers turntable sales and repair, and quality new & used vinyl. The great thing is that the company has a regular shop as well as online store!

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Pedal Pad

An edgy e-commerce website offering the full range of MKS professional stage products and featuring their patented 2-tier pedal board, Pedal Pad™.

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The Andrew W.K. Party Store

Featuring special merchandise from The King of Parting, ANDREW W.K., including Party Wear, Party Supplies, and Party Gifts.
Andrew W.K. is a rock ‘n’ roll musician, TV personality, and self-help speaker who strives to bring high-energy joy to audiences all over the world.

Journey Bar

Journey Bar company produces savory nutrition bars made with whole grains, almonds & real herbs and spices. If you are looking for a meal you can put in the pocket, Journey bars are for you!

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Rabbit Fever

Official Merchandise for the feature-length documentary film, “Rabbit Fever”.

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Natural Body Inc.

Natural Body Inc. is a New York based sports nutrition and vitamin shop that offers a wide variety of the very best sports supplements,vitamins, and fitness accessories at wholesale prices.

Mama Maria Swimwear

MamaMaria Swimwear is a Dutch brand for fifties styles swimwear: Bikini’s, bathing suits and some beach clothing too. All limited editions. You should definitely check this amazing store and unique swimwear!

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Vaulter Magazine

Vaulter Magazine is a print and on-line magazine company in support of the pole-vaulting track and field community. We support high school, college and elite Olympian athletes through our magazine and support their cause. We sell magazines, calendars, shirts, hats, stickers, and more to people from all around the world. On our covers, we have some of the most prestigious colleges throughout the United States showcased. We are the premier pole-vaulting magazine the world has to offer.

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Hello Magpie

Hello Magpie offers a clever collection of housewares, kitchen goods + gifts made of natural, organic, handmade, recycled, upcycled, biodegradable +/or vintage materials.

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Valkee is a health technology company focused on harnessing the health benefits of bright light for the human mind and performance. Consistent with the rising trend of health technology and fueled by innovations, the category of bright light devices is growing at an increasing pace. The Valkee Bright Light Headset is the world’s first ultra-portable bright light device, and an example of the ‘iPod’-like category of personal medical devices to come

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Embe Shop

Embe offers unique handmade knit, crochet and sewn gifts for baby. Our growth charts, baby booties and plush toys are inspired by our children and are [hand] made from the heart!

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Old Sole Boots

A fun and funky women-oriented e-commerce website offering vintage and new boots for sale and an extensive experiential blog by Kyle Cloutier, the owner.

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Mammamiu! is a shop with things designed or made by Yana Frank (Miu Mau), Russian Designer, illustrator and book author based in Berlin.
You can learn everything about Yana at

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Harvest Eating

Chef Keith Snow is the founding Chef and CEO of Harvest Eating, a multimedia brand that helps inspire people to cook with local foods using seasonal methods. He does this using his weekly show on Rural TV which aired over 50 times in 2012, a cookbook, a podcast and many different social media platforms. Keith also markets a line of all natural 100% organic spice blends.

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US21 is a technology, communications, and logistics company providing global procurement solutions to help our clients gain an edge in the global market. From information technology systems, satellite devices, tactical military gear to humanitarian relief supplies.

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Cafe Grumpy

Cafe Grumpy is a New York City-based coffee shop with three brick-and-mortar locations. It sells coffee, mugs, T-shirts and gift certificates

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The World of Lea Black

Our store is fun, fabulous and user friendly. If you want high fashion, casual elegance or edgy funk – our store is the store for you. Skincare, handbags, accessories including sunglasses and jewelry as well as beautiful pillows – this is the World of Lea Black -a fabulous one stop online shopping experience!

Store on Facebook

This demo store demonstrates how Ecwid can be added to Facebook and work as a Facebook application. If you want to set your own store on Facebook, use our application.

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