Why You Should Care About Having a Mobile-Friendly Store

May 27, 2015 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team
Posted May 27, 2015 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

If you weren’t already convinced that you need to have a mobile-friendly storefront, then check out our stats. Using data from all Ecwid stores we analyzed the growing number of consumers who shop from their mobile devices with our small business merchants: in the last three quarters, orders placed through a mobile device has steadily grown from 25% in Q3 2014, 26% in Q4 2014, to 27% in Q1 2015 -- and it’s only expected to rise as more and more people around the world acquire access to smartphones and tablets and use them to purchase items online.

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Complementing Your Brick-and-Mortar Business with E-Commerce

May 22, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team
Posted May 22, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team

There’s nothing new about brick-and-mortar stores adding e-commerce as a sales channel. But, when you’re a busy, small business who has experienced great success as a traditional brick-and-mortar within a local community, it’s hard to find the time or reason for adding e-commerce. In the case of Adams Fairacre Farms, a family-owned business that began in the 1900s and today has four brick-and-mortar store locations in the Hudson Valley, the time finally came.

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Ecwid E-Commerce Apps for Your Online Store

May 19, 2015 by Jeff Brandimarte
Posted May 19, 2015 by Jeff Brandimarte

Whether you’re new to Ecwid, or are a master user, we strive to give small and medium-sized businesses a key set of tools, right out of the box. As your business grows, we also have you covered with a host of powerful first- and third-party technology to help you scale at your own pace. Here’s a guide of just a few of the applications available from our partners to address some of your growing needs and will save you time and money!

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How to Ensure Inventory Accuracy

May 12, 2015 by Don Amato, Vice-President, Sales of Chicago Tag & Label in Libertyville, IL.
Posted May 12, 2015 by Don Amato, Vice-President, Sales of Chicago Tag & Label in Libertyville, IL.

Inventory management has a huge impact on the profitability of an e-commerce business — especially when you operate a business with a fairly sizeable inventory. When inventory levels are too high, cash is tied and space is inefficiently utilized. When inventory levels are too low, stock-outs and late deliveries jeopardize customer retention — remember, Amazon sets a high bar for e-commerce delivery speed, often delivering within 24 to 48 hours. A common reason for inventory levels being too high or low is inaccurate counts. Here are tips for making sure your inventory accounting is accurate at all times.

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Two Ways to Cover Expenses Without Increasing Product Prices

May 8, 2015 by Vera Startseva, Ecwid Team
Posted May 8, 2015 by Vera Startseva, Ecwid Team

You sell traditional homemade sauces. They are so delicious that your business has grown from strength to strength. New orders are coming not only from your hometown, but from the rest of the country. You ship orders by known courier service and you want to be assured that glass sauce bottles will be delivered safely. You have to use lots of materials for packaging: bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape. You do not want to increase the product prices though, but expenditure is running high. So what's to be done?

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Essential Wisdom for First-Time Entrepreneurs

May 5, 2015 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team
Posted May 5, 2015 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

If you’re building a business for the first time, but aren’t sure where to find the best resources to get started, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered our varied expertise, listened to prevailing advice, and boiled down the plethora of success stories into a few bite-sized nuggets of wisdom. Take a look.

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Small Business Owner? Read These Books and Grow Your Business

Apr 28, 2015 by Nick Bergin, Ecwid Team
Posted Apr 28, 2015 by Nick Bergin, Ecwid Team

In order to make it in today’s economic climate, it’s important to think deeply — that is, longer than eight minutes — on yourself and your business. Some business books focus on developing traits that will lead you to the c-suite, but I find great advice doesn’t discriminate and often translates across all levels. Whether you’re a sole proprietor, have a small business of your own, or lead a team that makes up part of a larger organisation, consider stocking your bookshelf with the selection below to sharpen your mind and add to your business’ foundation.

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Publicity on a Budget

Apr 22, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team
Posted Apr 22, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team

You believe in your products and have an amazing story to tell (or at least you think you do). So how do you convince journalists to share your story or talk about your products? We all know that getting into the right news publication or mentioned by an influential reporter can propel your business by raising awareness for your brand, products or services — and all it costs is some time, energy, and a little bit of patience. But with thousands of other small businesses competing for attention from reporters, how do you break through?

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What it Really Means to “Sell Everywhere”

Apr 21, 2015 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team
Posted Apr 21, 2015 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

Often the best business advice also is the simplest. The age-old proverb “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is one of the best examples I can think of. But how does the average merchant accomplish this? The answer is a technical-sounding (yet surprisingly doable) term called “multichannel retailing.”

Put simply, this just means that the product or service you’re already providing is available to your customers in a variety of locations, including your website, online marketplaces, social media sites like Facebook, their smartphones.

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Need Help Figuring Out What to Sell Online?

Apr 21, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team
Posted Apr 21, 2015 by Kathy Bricaud, Ecwid Team

You dreamed about owning your own business for as long as you can remember. Maybe you know exactly what you want to sell, and found Ecwid as great way to get you started on that path. However, if you are among the many aspiring entrepreneurs who know how to create a cool store (clearly, you found us :), but you are at a loss for what to sell, then here are a few ways to help you find your niche and curate the right types of products to sell and make a profit.

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