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of users say they find new products from ads on TikTok.
of users feel that advertising on TikTok is unique from top social and video platforms.
of TikTokers love discovering new content while using the app.
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Source: Nielsen custom Authenticity Study commissioned by TikTok, Persons 18+

An Audience for Everyone

Think TikTok is just for teens? Think again! Gen X, Millennials, and even Baby Boomers love TikTok. Available in 150+ markets in 75 languages, no video app is more popular on mobile devices across the globe.

TikTok—for Business?

Get exposure for your brand and skyrocket your ROI. Raise your brand’s exposure with organic content, attract new customers, and grow a community with TikTok. Whatever your business goal, TikTok can help.

Advertising Solutions For Any Occasion

Grow your business with a real diversity of opportunities on TikTok. Showcase your products in a way that feels right for your brand and what you sell. You can advertise with:

  • Spark Ads
  • Promote
  • Collection Ads
  • DSA

Not Just Ads. TikTok Ads.

On TIkTok, content runs the show. What does that mean? That your ads aren't just stock images and a CTA. TikTok works by sharing feelings and spreading knowledge. TikTok content adds value. That's why TikTokers love their platform.

Advertise on One of the World’s Most Popular Apps

1 billion monthly active global users can’t be wrong.

TikTok Ranked #1 globally for ad equity
Data source: Kantar Media Reactions Study, 2020
TikTok was 2020's Marketer of the Year
Data source: AdAge, Dec 2020
92% of users globally take actions after watching a TikTok
Data source: Marketing Science Global Time Well Spent research conducted by Kantar in 2021

4 Hacks for Advertising on TikTok

Hacks for Advertising on TikTok

What do you do if you’ve never used TikTok for promoting your business? How do you get started? To create a top view ad or a brand takeover, here are some helpful hacks:

1. Make your videos short

Although TikTok supports 3 minutes videos, it is best suited for videos that last under 60 seconds. So keep it short, snappy, and sweet! To improve click rates, make sure your video’s message is clear to your audience in the first three seconds of your video content. Get right to the point to keep them hooked.

2. Optimize the center of the screen

Help get and keep your viewer’s attention by thinking about video composition! Your product or service should be the most noticeable element in your video. This can ensure that your ad is clear and your target audience is interested from the get-go.

3. Include sounds in your video

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring one of the five senses: your video’s sound! Sound is an important element to TikTokers, and can help engage viewers who might otherwise turn their attention elsewhere.

4. Always use captions

On the other hand, it’s important for your TikToks to reach the maximum number of viewers—including those who keep their sound off. By adding captions to your TikToks, you help your viewers understand your ad’s context, and maximize your potential target audience.

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Come for TikTok. Stay for everything else.

Grow your ecommerce brand on TikTok. Then when you’re ready, spread your social media wings to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Shopping, and more.

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