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Get fast, secure payments with Stripe

Connect Stripe payments to your Ecwid online store in minutes to grow your business and keep your money safe.

It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s Stripe.


Yep, you take Apple Pay and Google Pay

Want more than debit or credit? Link Stripe to your Ecwid account to give your customers the power of one-tap checkout with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Stripe Shopping Cart

Setup your Stripe account in minutes

Sign up with Ecwid for free
Set up your store
Create and link your Stripe account
Get paid

Need a store too? Create your first online store for free

Set up your Ecwid store once to easily sync and sell across a website, social media, marketplaces like Amazon, and live in-person. Get started with one, or try them all.
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What makes Stripe great for small businesses?

Fast to set up
Fast to set up
Wanna get up and start selling fast? If you like the speed of Ecwid, you’re gonna love Stripe.
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Grows with you
Stripe was created for businesses of all sizes. Start small. Grow big. Available in 30+ countries.
Keeps your money safe
Stripe synthesizes data from millions of companies into an artificial intelligence designed to stop fraudulent activity.

Why Ecwid loves Stripe

Since 2009, Ecwid has been all about making ecommerce faster and easier for small businesses … which is exactly why we love Stripe for our merchants.

Ecwid has been making online buying and selling easier for years, and integrating with Stripe is just one more step towards e-commerce nirvana. Stripe makes connecting payments to your new store almost instantaneous. No secret coding knowledge. No technical wizardry. Just connect and go.

Plus, Stripe merchants can accept payments from almost anywhere in the world. Over 100 currencies are available from Ecwid and Stripe, and Stripe payments are instantly converted into your currency of choice to make things easier for your customers AND you.

Just set up your Ecwid account, select Stripe as your payment gateway, answer a few questions, and you’re ready to go.

Ready to accept payments with Ecwid and Stripe? Visit our Stripe support page to get started.

Lightspeed Payments for Ecwid

Introducing Lightspeed Payments: the one-stop payment solution for your Ecwid business. Simplify your operations and offer your customers a seamless shopping experience.

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