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Vegan Branded Apparel Made Locally In Cape Town, South Africa



What's the best way to care for my tee? Will it shrink?

Turn your T-shirt inside out before machine or hand washing with cold water. This helps prevent the print from fading as it avoids direct expose to detergent. This also reduces direct rubbing against other clothes and/or your washing machine. 

Our tee's are either 100% cotton or have a percentage of cotton. Allow for roughly 5% shrinkage after the first wash and dry. To counter as much shrinkage as possible, hang dry for best results.

What printing do you use?

All our designs are created using Direct To Garment printing. The ink is water based and eco-friendly which gives a nice soft feel to the fabric. All our prints can be directly ironed onto.

Will the printing fade on my tee?

You can expect slight fading over time, but with proper care the printing will last as long as your shirt.

How do I go about choosing the correct size tee? The easiest way to check what size will fit you best is to take your favorite fitting T-shirt and lay it out on a flat surface. Measure from under arm to under arm as well as from the top of the shoulder to hemline. Then find the closest matching measurement on our size chart on each product page. Each product page contains a size chart for the dimensions of every shirt.

• The 100% cotton T-shirts (unisex and ladies) go up to XXL.

• Polycotton T-shirts go up to XL.

Can I find your products at physical outlets?

Currently we only sell our wares online and at local events. Follow us on Facebook for updates on upcoming appearances.

In future we will stock our products at local vegan friendly stores and root out to the whole of South Africa in time. This field will be updated as we grow.

About Us

Eduan & Gisel


As vegans we are all united by a shared set of a values. Values which motivate us to act as ambassadors for the Earth and all its inhabitants. Wearing a fashionable T-shirt that promotes Veganism in a positive, uplifting, thought provoking or humorous manner is a terrific way for society to become aware of our vision for a kinder, more peaceful way of life.

Our goal is to make vegan branded clothing easily accessible to the growing vegan community in South Africa.

We supply locally produced contemporary T-shirts to not only popularize Veganism but also for the wearer to feel comfortable and stylish.

Let’s all wear our hearts on our tee's (quite literally!) and speak volumes without even saying a word. Enjoy your T-Shirt!