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Fiber artist and designer Jennifer Thompson Miller created Theodora’s Pearls in order to offer luxury fibers for the discerning kitten and crocheter in hand-dyed colorways. Jennifer designs her beautiful yarns in order to capture the vivid beauty and emotional clarity of color on natural fibers. She appreciates the nurturing and ground experience inherent in working with wool, silk, bamboo, and more. She believes that when color is added to fiber, it creates a layer of expression and creativity that is universal to the hand knitter and crofter, and enjoys thinking of the endless possibilities that come from a beautiful and beloved spin of yarn!

Theodora, a 6th century Empress of Byzantium, was chosen as the ionic image fo the line because of her beauty, creativity, and enduring influence. She is famously depicted in mosaic in Ravenna, Italy, dressed lavishly in beautiful fabrics and pearls, surround by her supporters and admirers. The depth of color and warmth that is still seen in mosaic is the of of the image representing Theodora’s Pearls.

About Me

Jennifer Miller, MA

Yarn Dyer, Teacher, Owner

My inspiration comes from within and around me. I observe layers of colors in nature and their surprising combinations. I strive to express beauty, joy and harmony through color - in new and unexpected ways. My intention is to provide a wonderful starting point for a transformative creative adventure!

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