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SURVIVE deodorants are made with local unprocessed organic beeswax, pure essential oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and rosehip oil, lovingly combined with other natural antibacterial and non-toxic ingredients. They are low fragrant due to the purity of the essential oils and do not have a strong scent like the synthetic versions.

Our Face and Body sprays are made with magnesium infused distilled water and pure essential oils and rose water

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Why Choose Us?

Because we care about your health! Our deodorants are free from Chemicals, Paraben, Phthalate, Aluminium, Hormone disruptors and Synthetic fragrance.

Loving the deodorant! It's a great formula. I had it on at work and despite perspiring profusely all over my armpits were dry and still smelling lovely. Really enjoying the lavender smell.


About Us

Sally Joyce

Survivor/ Thriver

I created Survive deodorant after living with a chronic illness for the last 18 years. The only way for me to have quality of life is to eliminate chemicals and toxic products. The hardest thing to find was a deodorant which was natural but kept me dry. I was not happy with the current deodorants on the market so my Mum made one for me which I continued to use for 3 years. Using her recipe as a base I tweaked it to make it my own, adding local, organic beeswax and an aromatherapy element. Survive Deodorant is not just deodorants. I have been working hard on new and effective recipes which have been extensively tested on friends and family. 

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